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"Mistakes That Can Kill Your Brand" from the National Apartment Association (NAA)

To build a better brand - look to your employees and reviews.

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Tags: Target Demographics, Branding, social media

"The Importance of Putting Your Customers Second" by Jen Piccotti in Multifamily Insiders

ILoveLeasing Research Supports this Article's Findings on the Relationship Between Employee and Customer Turnover

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Tags: Apartment Resident Retention, Reduce Turnover in Apartments, Reduce Employment Turnover, Improve Customer Service

"Why Aren't CMOs Making Greater Use of Marketing Analytics?" from Marketing Charts

No wonder that marketing leaders identify analytics as one of the top skills for which they’re looking to hire.

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Tags: ILoveLeasing Analytics, Better conversion data, Advertising analytics, How to leverage your ad budget, Beyond analytics to business intelligence

"The Evolution and Future of Apartment Marketing" by Alec Berkman, Bisnow National

Apartment marketing strategy has evolved at an astounding rate, to the point where today’s tactics would be inconceivable to a broker magically transported from a pre-internet era.

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Tags: Apartment Advertising, Real Estate Ads, Virtual Brokerage, Apartment Advertising Technology

"3 Areas Requiring Analytics in Multifamily" by Donald Davidoff

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Tags: Marketing Apartments, Pricing Apartments, Investing in Apartment Advertising, How to Track Leads