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Understanding the Psychology of Leasing

We have all heard about the psychology of selling, but we seldom have it explained to the point of relevance in leasing. Prospect theory, as discussed in “Introducing Psychology,” is a helpful vehicle to understanding the psychology of leasing.

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Effective Methods For Overcoming Price Objections

Most apartment shoppers believe that if you don’t ask for a discount, you won’t get it. The sales savvy leasing representative must be prepared for the predicable question of specials and reduced rents, realizing those questions are actually buying signs

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"Let's Get Personal" by EPMSOnline

If you want to be truly memorable, you need to determine what makes you unique. This is what will make your brand and community stand out to your perfect prospects.

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Tags: Everyday Branding, How to brand your apartment community, How to brand your product, What is branding?

"Measurable Results Are A Must For Marketing And Advertising Investments" by Becca Wilson, CEO

Demand for greater accountability for marketing and advertising investments has been growing recently, especially from those at the top of the industry

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Tags: Customer Relationship Management, CRM, Apartment CRM, Better Analytics, Advertising Analysis

"Making the Workplace Efficient for Today's Property Management Professional" by Kara Rice on SatisFacts

Recent studies from Gallup Poles reveal a high percent of employee disengagement and how to overcome it.

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"Learning from Rejection" by Lori Hammond

Book review on

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Tags: How to lease apartments, overcoming rejection, Conversion Rates, The Best Closing Advice

"How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers?" by Courtney Craig - Apartment Guide

Be prepared to share information with a resident who is considering making a change.

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Tags: How to get a lease renewal, Retain Occupancy, Apartment Living

"How overselling can kill your sales" by Maura Schreier-Fleming

How sales pros refine the selling (leasing) process.

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Tags: Apartment Leasing, How to Close A Lease, How to Structure a Lease, Successful Leasing Techniques

"7 tools every salesperson needs for success" by Terry Brock, Houston Business Journal

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Tags: The best apartment CRM, Apartment Management, How to get the most from your online leads., Leasing online made easy.

"Customer Service, Disney Style: What If You Can’t Give a Customer What They Want?" by Bruce Jones, Disney Institute

How to provide the best service when you have to decline a request.

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Tags: How to make prospects happy, Win Win with Customer Service, The Golden Rule of Customer Service Relationship
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