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"Love It" from MHNOnline


When a prospective renter signs a new lease, they’re expecting to have a favorable experience at the community. But that’s not always the case. MHN and Kingsley Associates find out what renters love—or loathe—about their apartment communities.

❝ We love our unit, we love the staff. We don’t love the pet owners who are irresponsible. ❞

❝ I love living here and always get compliments when friends come over about the big windows and views of trees. ❞
—Washington, D.C.

❝ Lovely, clean, well-maintained home. Friendly neighbors, professional and available staff. Happy to be here. ❞
—Natick, Mass.

❝ I love that the gym is 24 hours. The office hours are amazing compared to many other places. ❞
—Austin, Texas

❝ I absolutely love the professionalism and promptness of the staff! Whenever I have an issue regarding maintenance it’s taken care of almost immediately, and the amenities are great. ❞
—Knoxville, Tenn.

❝ I love the building. I don’t love the fact that our amenities are shared with another building and the grills have been out of use for full days on the weekend. ❞
—Stamford, Conn.

❝ I love this place. It has made my move much easier simply because it is a very welcoming place with friendly staff and very convenient facilities. ❞

❝ I love having underground garage parking so I don’t need to worry about my vehicle in the winter. ❞
—Inver Heights, Minn.

❝ The only thing I don’t love about my apartment is that my master bedroom is over a garage so it’s very loud when the garage door is opened and closed, and it is right next to the parking
lot road. ❞
—El Dorado Hills, Calif.