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I Love Leasing® div Spherexx.com® Accelerates Lease Closings with Mobile App, Announces Product Releases for 2nd Qtr 2016


ILoveLeasing.com expands its user footprint with new clients: Lobos Management in Pennsylvania, Planned Property Management in Illinois, Eagle Rock Properties in New York and Nova Property Network in Oklahoma.

Spherexx announces “point of sale” tablet app called LeasingBook.com™ that has I Love Leasing linked into the dashboard to give customers more sales tools & sell-anywhere capabilities to accelerate leasing conversion.

ILoveLeasing.com, the Leasing Accelerator Software, and most user-friendly CRM for the multifamily industry, introduced the launch of a native mobile app to accelerate the lead to lease conversion, and previewed its product releases for the 2nd Quarter 2016.

For 10 years, I Love Leasing Division of Spherexx.com has continued to “up the ante” for CRM development. Built in the cloud with “browser accessible – no desktop software to install.” This means I Love Leasing is accessible on any internet enabled device. ILoveLeasing.com has continuously delivered new innovation and will roll-out a Microsoft Outlook ® integration in the 2nd Qtr 2016. The I Love Leasing native mobile app called “mobile companion” was just released in Feb 2016 and is a free download with a demo to test drive. The subscription for I Love Leasing includes the web-based software for desktop/laptop/tablet and also includes the “mobile companion” app for Apple & Android phones.

“Completing the sales presentation, lead nurturing & lease conversion workflow in a 100% digital environment automates a transaction for the renter and coaches in real-time for the onsite leasing team. It is fueling an unparalleled level of innovation across our entire Customer Success Platform,” said Becca Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Spherexx.com. “There is no other company in the multifamily vertical that delivers a cloud- based CRM with both a tablet point of sales presentation and a native mobile app for lead follow-up anywhere. Our LeasingBook tablet app has a built-in driver’s license scanner that pre-populates the guest card with 100% accuracy that is fed directly into legally bound rental documents. This enables our I Love Leasing users to transform their sales/leasing and interact with their customers in entirely new ways.”

I Love Leasing: One Platform, One Workflow, Seamless Integration for All

Spherexx, parent company for I Love Leasing, provides advertising agency services and advertising software stack that generates leads that feed into the ILoveLeasing platform. As such, Spherexx is very much a part of building a seamless user experience from inquiry, to lead nurturing, to a rent producing lease for the apartment owner. I Love Leasing has been on a software expansion for the last 10 years to refine customer relationship management (CRM) workflow for the multifamily industry and that innovation continues today without the involvement of venture capital investment that can easily divert a company’s client centered focus to an investor return focus. I Love Leasing team members actively listen to clients. For example, New York City users are very adamant about having a mobile, hand-held solution that would allow them to work leads while “on the go.” Client-centered focus guides what Spherexx designs and engineers to solve our clients' problems.

In March 2016, I Love Leasing launched new pricing that made all optional add-on products for advertising syndication, instant message chat, inbound and outbound call tracking, etc. easier to add-on anytime by reducing setup fees. Additionally, a new responsive website has made it easier for any existing client or new prospective client to interactive with Spherexx brands. Diligent programming efforts with third-party integrations, including writing custom scripts to monitor the up-time and data integrity of both inbound and outbound data integrations, help insure clients are receiving the most seamless and accurate data sharing possible. More third-party integrations will be announced in the 2nd Qtr 2016 that will be exciting news for the client base.

I Love Leasing combined with LeasingBook.com and the new mobile companion for Apple & Android phones is a powerful multi-input, next-generation metadata platform that provides a seamless, user-friendly experience across any device. Customers enjoy a broad array of third-party software integrations with every major accounting software, revenue management software and rental application processor in the multifamily industry.

Reviewing ILoveLeasing 1Qtr 2016 Usability Expansions

ILoveLeasing.com keeps enhancing its arsenal of intelligent tools that gets big results for its clients.

I Love Leasing has a built-in revenue management quoting functionality that allows the management & presentation of amenities by common areas and specific unit appointments along with live pricing & availability to lock in leasing. Prospect’s preferences populate the guest card and dynamic quote sheets to raise urgency, desirability and drive closing decisions.  An optional digital rental application with digital signature is available to convert a guest card lead to a lease in a seamless workflow.

I Love Leasing has always had predictive priority scoring for both leads and ad sources, so the leasing and management teams can know real time performance for quicker decision making and targeted allocation of resources.  Corporate portfolio level dashboards allow c-suite executives real-time data analytics to identify advertising and leasing strengths and weaknesses.

Site tour analytics inside I Love Leasing combined with the Leasing Book “point of sale” tablet presentation leverage demographic data, custom data intake fields, walking tour preferences and geographic distribution to help companies build the best user experience with onsite touring.

Previewing ILoveLeasing’s 2nd Qtr 2016 Releases

I Love Leasing will unveil a new Microsoft Outlook® integration that any I Love Leasing subscriber can add for a nominal fee. This will allow all leasing teams to respond to prospects inside I Love Leasing as they do now, or they will have the option to utilize Outlook to build their communication thread. I Love Leasing will maintain the conversation thread for all guest inquiries regardless of the email method the leasing teams use to communicate.

I Love Leasing will also be announcing some additional strategic integrations that further enhance the guest card life-cycle.


Learn more about I Love Leasing CRM Leasing Platform by Spherexx.com®: https://spherexx.wistia.com/medias/taylsb56j4

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