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"Mistakes That Can Kill Your Brand" from the National Apartment Association (NAA)


To avoid complicated issues, a company must focus on its employees, social media platforms and traditional target demographic.

Before you put time and effort into the wrong areas of your business, Tom Popomaronis suggests that businesses check three places—their employees, social media platforms and traditional target demographic.

To deliver an excellent brand, Popomaronis contends that companies must listen to their employees. This is not the only place they should turn for information. If they are following social media, they are more than likely to catch any complaints. By ignoring social media, and therefore missing those complaints, it could become traumatic.

“About 50 percent of consumers say they’d never buy from a brand again after that brand responds poorly to their complaint,” Popomaronis writes. “What’s worse for brands is the damage from a poor response won’t stop there. After a brand responds poorly, 41 percent of people would share that experience with their network online, and only 26 percent would reach out via another channel to give the brand a chance to make things right. That translates to a 35 percent decrease in the opportunity to win back a customer after a poor response on social.”

When it comes to your target demographic, Popomaronis writes that it is sometimes good to take chances through different channels.

“Some brands, though, have a tough time understanding their target audience and how to best reach them,” Popomaronis writes, quoting Jason Nesbitt, VP of Media & Agency Operations at Strike Social as saying. “That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) can help. With AI, marketers can leverage customer demographic and behavioral data to spot patterns the human brain might not notice. They can use this information for smarter, more sophisticated targeting and campaign optimizations.”  READ ARTICLE