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"I Love Leasing Makes You A Leasing Rockstar" by Ashley Rahe at RentManager


You can have the most pristine property in your region, but if you don’t have stellar marketing and leasing strategies in place, you might get stuck vacant and lonely. I Love Leasing—a division of Spherexx—is your all-in-one solution to efficiently and effectively filling your unoccupied units and providing your leasing team with the tools they need to put their best foot forward.

I Love Leasing gives you all the bells and whistles necessary to make your property stand out and turn your leads into leases.

Attract.  I Love Leasing’s Customer Relationship Management system collects and tracks leads from more than 300 sources, giving you the ability to attract thousands of prospective tenants, and effectively track which advertising concepts and mediums are working best for your property. You can target and manage all of your advertising expenses within the platform to maximize your budget and increase efficacy.

React.  Maintain a bank of pre-written and branded email responses for leasing agents to quickly and easily reach out to all leads within your desired timeframe. Schedule automatic follow-up alerts so that no lead is lost due to non-response, maximizing your overall prospect closing rate.

Collect.  Track prospect demographics. Pull reports on your leasing staff’s progress and success on-demand. Monitor real-time property and portfolio status, and keep up-to-date on personalized performance metrics. Generate customized reports automatically, based on the questions most important to your portfolio, property, or staff needs.

Direct. With all of the valuable information in your hands, I Love Leasing will help you plan and direct your advertising efforts for maximum exposure and proficiency in your market. Train and coach your staff to make the most out of every interaction with every lead, and maintain your company’s high standards.

I Love Leasing’s powerful—and completely Rent Manager-integrated—CRM platform will take your leasing operation to rock star status in no time. Learn more about I Love Leasing in our next Tech Tuesday webinar on August 8, check them out online at ILoveLeasing.com, or contact your sales representative at 800-669-0871 for more information today! READ ARTICLE

By Ashley Rahe