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  • ♥ Tracks & manages advertising spend
  • ♥ Personnel performance on demand
  • ♥ Crunches cost-per-lead and cost-per-lease
  • ♥ Built-in Leasing Coach
  • ♥ Advanced demographic data at a glance
  • ♥ Broadcast your digital brochure
  • ♥ Keeps you organized to work more leads
  • ♥ Get text and email alerts for quick response
  • ♥ Schedule automatic follow-ups
  • ♥ Saves time-improves closing ratio
  • ♥ Follow-up on desk computer or iPad Tablet
  • ♥ Pre-written emails agents can personalize
  • ♥ Pays for itself-Can't afford to lease without it
  • ♥ On demand portfolio performance reporting
  • ♥ Create accountability for agents & sources
  • ♥ Improve closing ratios up to 576%
  • ♥ Eliminate vacancy & build stronger leasing
  • ♥ Integrates with AMSI, MRI, Yardi & Others

No, I Love Leasing is simply the new name of GotNoVacancy.com, We are rebranding, because we have outgrown our name in a big way. We have years of experience behind GotNoVacancy.com which was launched in 2005. We have expanded beyond a lead tracking tool and are now the most full featured apartment CRM (customer relationship management) software product in the multifamily industry. Want to get the best from your advertising dollars and leasing team? Order I Love Leasing software today by calling us at 866.491.7500.

  • Automatically consolidates all your apartment traffic (from all sources)
  • Automatically tracks phone calls (from all sources)
  • Digital guest card for immediate tracking of walk in traffic
  • Advertising Metrics & Analysis (cost per lead, cost per lease, etc)
  • Appointment Management & Scheduling
  • Follow-up Reminder System to ensure timely follow-up
  • Android or Apple iPad/Tablet Ready with www.SweetSpot.ws/2sweet (free to LUV subscribers)
  • Lead to Lease Performance Pipeline
  • Intuitive features simplify prospecting & leasing workflow
  • Targeted pre-written emails ensure consistent and professional communications
  • Tracks & compiles history of lead information including all interactions
  • Property and portfolio level reporting
  • Branded digital brochure with built-in calls to action
  • Guest card demographic/demand analysis
  • Leasing team productivity monitoring & benchmarking
  • Integrated with AMSI®, Yardi® , MRI Software®, Resman® and Real Page® and other property management software providers
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ILoveLeasing.com is proven to increase closing opportunities by 400% with our formula.

More Tracked Leads = Higher Closings = More Leases = Increased Revenue

ILoveLeasing.com gets to the heart of rental revenue generation…find out how we do it?

I Love Leasing Innovative Tools for Apartment Lead Tracking and Lead Closing

ILoveLeasing.com is a prospect lead tracking, lead closing tool and advertising management program built specifically for the apartment industry. Think of it as a customer relationship management (CRM) solution to help the leasing team track phone calls, internet & print advertising inquiries, walk-in traffic, and consolidate all prospect leads into one easy to use dashboard.

Always Be Closing With Our Apartment Lease Closing Tools

It's simple for your apartment leasing team to manage hundreds of prospect inquiries that need appointments, follow-up communications and impressive presentations of your apartment community's unique selling points.

Our goal everyday is to ensure our product helps your leasing team be more productive and close more leads! That's why we ask ourselves every day…How can ILoveLeasing.com make leasing easier?

  • Simplifies leasing providing intuitive leasing training processes that let your team send pre-written email follow-up communications with 3 clicks of the mouse. Your leasing team will never lose another valuable prospect inquiry with our software.
  • Easier for prospects to lease by providing apartment details and calls to action that guide the prospect right to the schedule an appointment or apply online forms.
  • Convenient for property supervisors to keep track of which advertising sources are performing the best and which agents are the new superstars!

ILoveLeasing.com is a web-based computer software development application designed for individual software licensing to apartment communities. Easily accessible from any computer with an internet connection. Login and manage, follow-up or lease 24/7!